Young Scientists

Extensive acticities and measures are planned by enable in order to supporting talent in a highly interdisciplinary environment: PHD students have been appointed to all subprojects of the cluster and will each be supervised by experts of two varying disciplines. Several panels have been set up to assist young scientists within enable:

  • Seminars for enable Young Scientists
  • Summer School
  • Young Investigator Network
  • Training on the Job
  • Innovation training

For further information, please contact the cluster office.

Seminars for enable Young Scientists

On a monthly basis we offer seminars for all PHD students within enable. Similar to a graduate school we thus establish an instrument to transfer knowledge and to advance the qualification of young scientists.

Summer School

During the 3-year funding period, enable offers to young scientists the possibility to actively participate in a summer school. For several days seminars and workshops lead by renowned international experts of nutrition science and food development will be open to the PHD students.

Young Investigator Network

The main goal of this instrument is to set up a network of young scientists. We assist our scientific talents with the creation and organisation of events they judge necessary and beneficial to their career. The young scientists will manage the Young Investigator Network independently and impulses and ideas for subjects will be generated by the them on their own.

Very important soft skills and additional knowledge will thus be gained by the young scientists.

Training on the job

Once a year all PHD students are invited to present their results to relevant companies of the food sector and to gain insight to the work and methods of these companies. This will help to establish and strengthen the bond between science and industry. 

Another aspect is that young scientists can understand more about the situation and work conditions in the industry by visiting relevant companies. "Training on the job" establishes valuable contact between young scientists and potential employers at an early stage.

Innovation training

The basic ideas and possibilities of innovation and enterpreneurship will be conveyed to the young scientists during the whole project period.