The transfer of results into inovations is a core part of enable.

Among a number of instruments, enable supports new concepts for a more healthy diet in product development, technology and society, by awarding the enable Innovation Award and by assigning Innovation Vouchers to start-ups and small companies.

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enable Innovation Voucher

The enable Innovation Vouchers are awarded to effect product improvements for "a healther food choice". Small companies and start-ups of the food industry get fast and uncomplicated access to the enable-cluster expertise via use of an Innovation Voucher. 

Services within a voucher can be tests, consulting, application and process assistance, studies and much more. Applications will be accepted starting with April 2016. A jury composed of the enable Steering Committee will decide about awarding the vouchers.

Please contact the innovation office for more information.

enable Innovation Award

The enable-cluster is dynamic and innovative. Thus, the enable-Innovation Award regognizes innovations (products, start-ups, social and technological innovations) on the subject of "healthy food" and "healthy food choices". The award is open not only for cluster members but also for external applicants featuring e.g. a highly innovative idea for a start-up.

The enable-Innovation Award contains a total budget of 10.000€ and is awarded every three years. A jury consisting of the enable-Steering Committee will evaluate the applications and award the prize. The first awards will be presented in spring 2018.

Application will be open in autumn 2017.

Hands-On Seminars

Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV in Freising, one of our enable-partners, invites once a year into its splendidly equipped technical facilities.

SMEs as well as small trade companies of the food industry can attend qualification workshops about the latest developments in food processes. Information about specific techniques and developments will be gained and training will be effected in the IVV test kitchen. The subjects are varying -  from "bakery products" over "meat" up to "ingredients & additives".

enable Innovation Workshops

For a better awareness of innovation and enterpreneurship, the innovation office offers several workshops. These target potential enterpreneurs and founders, but also all persons interested in innovation of food and nutrition.

Special offers are open to enable young scientists at least once a year.

enable Panel Discussion

enable is organising a panel discussion in cooperation with unternehmerTUM in Garching for all interested persons and young scientists to get to know successful founders. First hand experiences about founding, creating a start-up or registering product and technology innovation will be shared and discussed.

For more information please contact the enable innovation office

enable Partner Days

enable Partner Days are a networking event for cluster members, the food industry, retail and food producers on topics of current and future interest.