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Consumer involvement in redesigning of food

Year after year a lot of new convenience products arrive at the shelves of retailers.Many if these new food products cannot stay on the market for a sustainable period because they are not focused on consumer's needs. In subproject 2-8, enable-scientists look into the needs and drivers of consumers and how they affect the choice of food as well as acceptance of new products.

Sucessful placement of products on the food market:

  • Which motives drive or prevent the acceptance of a product?
  • Which attributes are of special importance for new food products?

During the project, consumers of various age groups are involved into the development of healthier convenience food by participation in focus groups. Thus, factors that impact the choice of healthy food products for consumers, will be analysed.

Different age groups are taken into account for the development of new food:

  • 18-25 years: fiber enriched burger

  • 40-65 years: fiber enriched pizza

  • 75+ years: protein drinks

The research are conducted via workshops with tastings of the products. Furthermore several new product concepts for healthy food are discussed. In a second step interveiws with consumers, who had previously tasted the new products, will be held.

The interviews will allow research results about motives of acceptance or denial of the new products. Also, the experiences of the consumers during testing will be taken into account.


The aim of the subproject is to incorporate and integrate the needs of the consumers into the development process for new healthy food. This will be researched for three target groups with specific convenience products - burger, pizza and protein drink.

Coordinating Investigator

Prof. Dr. Klaus Menrad

Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Fachgebiet für Marketing und Management Nachwachsender Rohstoffe

Email: k.menrad[at]wz-straubing.de



Technische Universität München
Lehrstuhl für Marketing und Konsumforschung
Prof. Dr. Jutta Roosen

Technische Universität München
TUM Gender Studies in Ingenieurwissenschaften

Prof. Dr. Susanne Ihsen