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Objectives of enable

Competence cluster of nutrition research
The interdisciplinary enable-cluster is one of four clusters about nutrition research funded by Federal Ministry of Education and Research  (BMBF).

Other nutrition clusters funded by BMBF:

NUTRIACT (Berlin-Potsdam) Nutritional Intervention for Healthy Aging: Food Patterns, Behavior and Products

DIET Body Brain (Bonn) From Epidemiology to Evidence-based Communication

NutriCARD (Halle-Jena-Leipzig) Competence Cluster for Nutrition and Cardiovascular Health

An interdisciplinary approach to nutrition research
enable develops new strategies to promote healthier food choices in all stages of life (from birth to old age). Our research is interdisciplinary with focus on the interface of food science and nutrition technology with information- and communication technology as well as social studies. We thus contribute to the deciphering of the interaction between food choices and human genome. This also contains research about predisposition for and protection of chronic diseases like diabetes and their subsequent damage.

The development of new and healthier products actively counteracts unhealthy food choices and behaviour. enable-cluster wants to demonstrate that modern nutrition including convenience products and a healthy life style do not have to be a contradiction. We utilize modern information- and communication technology to provide and promote healthy food choices for consumers.

enable-cluster aims to enhance cooperation in nutrition research, to enage in focused career sponsorship, to contact the population as well as specific target groups by use of communication methods, in order to promoting and establishing a more sustainable and healthy way of life. 

enable has established its own innovation office to facilitate product and social innovation in the area of nutrition and food.

Structure of enable


enable is a cooperation of 4 universities, several research institutes and various regional companies of the food sector; the coordination and our Cluster-Office are located at Technical University of Munich.

Within a total of 22 subprojects, which are assigned to 3 Work Packages (WP), we conduct research on the following subjects:

To phenotype individuals (integrated use of –omics data, sensory testing, chemosensory receptors, gut microbiota analysis) in order to identify population subgroups and to test these groups for nutritional interventions

WP 2)
To develop and evaluate healthier food options with improved nutrient composition, optimized taste and higher consumer acceptance to facilitate healthier food choices in defined stages of life and in population groups at risk

WP 3)
To design, test and evaluate novel information and communication technology (ICT) applications that facilitate healthy food choices targeting all stages of life.

An established Steering Committee is making all work relevant and strategic decisions. It is formed by 2 Coordinating Investigators (CI) of each of the 3 work packages plus Management.

An interdisciplinary Advisory Board is implemented composed of 6 external internationally renowned scientists and representatives of the food and ICT industries to consult and to provide advice in scientific questions.